Service and Support Apple

SPECIALIZED SUPPORT MACEstá with problems on your Mac?





The Electronics shop of Brazil, provides the best Mac Specialized Technical Assistance in Curitiba. Specialized Technical Centre in maintaining Apple Macintosh computers, perform the following services:

Software solutions - File Recovery - Update or formatting Operating System - Advanced Diagnostics - Repair or Replacement Parts and Components - Exchanges Adapters, Cables, Batteries, Connectors, Adapters and other components - Compatible Services with your Mac.

Specialized Technical Center - Certified Technicians - work with genuinely original Apple parts.


SERVICE IPHONE - IPADPrecisando repairs on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch?







The shop of Brazil Electronics has the best Specialized Technical Center in support of iPhones and iPad market.

Being the pioneer in maintenance iDevices (iPhone - iPad - iPod Touch) in Brazil, we perform all kinds of repairs and Solutions for your Apple gadget.

Let your iPhone fall to the ground? The screen broke? You wet your iPad?

Highly Specialized Technical Center - Certified Technicians - Original Genuine Apple parts.


SOFTWAREAtualizações MAINTENANCE, Backups, Restores and Unlocks






The shop Brazil's Electronics provides effective solutions for the maintenance of your iOS or Mac OS X.

Want to prevent the loss of data? We perform the necessary solution for you to have your stored data. System crashed? Restore your iOS or Mac OS X to the factory setting. Want to upgrade your iPhone, safely, without worry? Perform all of agile and safe process. You want to unlock? The electronic shop of Brazil, has the solution for you to use your iPhone with any carrier *.









Brazil's shop Electronics The always thinking in customer satisfaction, and commitment to speed and technical quality of its services, carries out various repairs on your iPhone instantly.









Want to send your iPhone or iPad via motorcycle courier? The iCenter always thinking about the convenience of its customers, launches its new delivery service "Electronics shop of Brazil, takes and brings".


NOTE: All services of technical assistance with service of leads and back and free for Curitiba of region, customers of other regions and cities were to make budget.